The Claretian University of Nigeria begins post-graduate programs

Post-graduate programmes at Claretian university

Post graduate studies(MA & PHD) are now available at Claretian University of Nigeria courtesy of our collaboration with EUCLID international university(a United nations inter-governmental university)

We now offer post-graduate studies in the following courses:

Academic and research medicine

Climate change and sustainability

Comparative Christian theology

Counter terrorism and deradicalization

Diplomacy and international affairs

Eastern and Greek orthodox theology

Epidemiology and biostatistics

Global energy policy

Instructional design and open learning

Islamic finance and economics


International law and treaty law

International public health

Inter religious dialogue and diplomacy

Mediation and conflict resolution

Monitoring, measurements and evaluation

Intergovernmental catholic studies

Sustainable development and diplomacy

Translational and research medicine


Global health and health systems

Post-graduate programmes at Claretian university