Dr. (Mrs.) Uchenna B Amadi-Ihunwo (MBA, PhD)

I am pleased to welcome all our students to the Claretian University Centre for Distance Learning & Continuing Education (CDLCE). I would like to extend a special welcome to all our families. I am honoured to be your director. Our goal in the CDLCE is to promote quality higher education from the comforts of our students’ and educators/lecturers’ homes.

My belief is that everyone is entitled to further education if the interest and will are available irrespective of how far behind the person has been educationally. To me, all students can learn! Homes, offices, parks etc. are good sites for learning. Technology has made it possible to bring quality education at one’s doorsteps. The Claretian University of Nigeria (CUN) has decided to take advantage of the technological innovation that exist to bring quality and affordable higher education to many via the Distant learning programmes.

As higher institutions are plagued with the Covid-19 pandemic and other related challenges, we need to discover how to take quality higher education to the doorsteps of all interested students. In a collaborative effort, we want all our students to thrive in everyday possible. My hope is that everyone can re-engage higher education in a less stressful, positive, and safe from their experiences with CUN distance Learning programmes.

Students’ success in Distance Learning are attributed to the relationships between their efforts, tenacity, discipline, and the Directorate. It has become exceedingly important that we make higher education more accessible and affordable to create a more civil environment of professionalism in all fields of endeavours. CUN’s Distance Learning programmes will provide green opportunities for all that were once lost in academic pursuit to be found.

A few things worth noting in the Claretian University CDLCE Programmes:

  1. It is progressive. This means that dedicated and hardworking students can start from Certificate courses and rise to Diploma and undergraduate courses.
  2. Students do not necessarily need JAMB to get admitted into our programmes.
  3. All programmes in the CDLCE were benchmarked with similar programmes in our partner International Universities by our esteemed team of Professors to assure quality and competitiveness.
  4. All programmes, assignments and examinations are done and submitted online.
  5. Students can always contact their tutors for assistance as needed.
  6. Above all, all programmes are PRACTICAL biased. This means that there is serious emphasis on the practical aspects of our programmes.

Please explore our website for more information.

We hope that you will find the CDLCE truly a place to further your education while developing character and ethics through teaching, learning and research.

To all my team, let us do it right!