| IMO Claretain University

The name “Claretian” represents both a personal name and the spirit of the work of a Spanish Catholic

clergy and educationist of the modern times, St. Anthony Mary Claret. He lived in the time of socio-political crisis in Spain during which he was able to organize 'educational 

Institutions for poor children, and some of those schools were organized in collaboration with public 

government agencies. He equally produced many volumes of literary works which tried to give

 responses to the many problems of their time.Therefore, in imitation of his name and spirit of work,

especially in the trend of the mandate to attend to the urgent and timely needs of the society,

the Claretian University is therefore born to support Imo State Government  in  her

laudable  policy  of creating access to tertiary education for the youth of Imo State and Nigeria.

It is on record that Imo State has the highest number of candidates  who participate in Joint Admission

and Matriculation Board (JAMB)Examination annually for the past six years and sponsors the highest

number o f students for the WASC and NECO examinations each year.


Hence, an additional educational institution like Claretian Imo University is a plus for the state in

solving its urgent educational needs.

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