The Vision and Mission of Claretian University of Nigeria is thus encapsulated in the University Motto: ‘Securing the future through Education.’

The Central themes that embody this vision and mission includes:

  • To become a leader in Academia, Research & Technology Transfer in Nigeria and beyond.
  • To create a community and an environment for learning and learners.
  • To use current and futuristic technologies in teaching so that our students can favourably compete with peers anywhere in the world.
  • To produce morally sound graduates of distinction and exemplary characte
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Who We Are

The name ‘‘Claretian’’ represents both personal and spirit of work of a Spanish Catholic Clergy and educationist of the modern times. St. Anthony Mary Claret lived in the time of social-political crises in Spain during which he was able to organize educational institutions for the poor children and some of those schools were organized in collaboration with public government agencies. He equally produced many volumes of literary works which tried to give responses to many problems of their time. Therefore, in imitation of his name and spirit of work, especially in the trend of mandate to attend to the urgent and timely needs of the society, the Claretian University is therefore born to help address the critical challenges of our time. As a university, we believe that most of these critical challenges, poverty and rising living costs, inequality, climate change, infrastructural deficit, human capital flight, various forms of insecurity, etc, can all be systemically addressed through targeted quality education and collaboration which must be underpinned by the values of equality, diversity, and inclusivity. The Claretian University of Nigeria embodies these values.  

The Claretian University of Nigeria is thus a timely intervention with very clear intent to pursue academic programmes, research, collaboration, projects, and activities that are strategically aligned to our values, vision, and mission.

Values Objectives

In line with the laws establishing the University, the Claretian University of Nigeria is committed to the following objectives:

  • To offer students of widely varied ages, background interest and needs, a broad range of educational opportunities and experiences without distinction of race, creed, sex, religion or political conviction.
  • To provide academic professional and vocational training of high quality in a way as to enrich and improve the state, national and international human resource capabilities and assist its graduates to contribute to the common good of the society.
  • To foster academic research which contributes to human knowledge and vitality of the institution.
  • To encourage thoughtful and responsible staff and student’s participation in local, State, National and International affairs.
  • To maintain the highest academic standards in respect of university degrees and other awards and preserve and protect their reputation and integrity.
  • To evolve academic programmes to suit the changing social and economic needs of society through continuous review of curricula and development of new programmes to respond to societal and technological changes in Nigeria, the world in general and Imo State in particular.
  • To advance human culture and improve human life through the development, refinement and dissemination of knowledge and to prepare competent graduates to meet the development needs of Imo State in particular and Nigeria in general.
  • To prepare, where necessary, its students for the degree or certificates of other institutions or Universities.

A Few Words About Claretian University

The Claretians (Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary) are an international, Roman Catholic religious congregation of priests,
brothers, and seminarians. Like our founder, Saint Anthony Mary Claret, we strive to reflect God’s reign of life, love, justice, and peace to
our world today by responding to the most urgent needs in ways that are most timely and effective. The Claretian University of Nigeria was
founded by the Claretian Missionaries in Nigeria and reflects the same spirit and mission of the Claretians.

This University is a different kind of University. What we hope to achieve is unconventional as we strive to educate the whole person, Body, Mind and Spirit and to prepare our students for a more realistic life experience. We focus on skills, attitudes, and values, that are relevant for tomorrow, ensuring that at the end of their studies in CUN, our graduates will be truly prepared to face the emerging new world and the associated knowledge economy.

The mission of the Claretian University is carried out in three axes, (administrative, instructional, and academic), through an open, dynamic, and sensitive attitude seeking to respond to the needs and expectations of the time, “Redeeming the future through education” as guiding principle in our education endeavours from primary to tertiary levels. Our approach is pragmatic, and our students have access to a wide range of opportunities that would not be accessible to other tertiary students in the West African sub-region. It is our intent to emerge as a leader in translational research and academia and to change the landscape of education in Nigeria and beyond.

We hope that you will be regular visitor to our website. We also encourage you to please follow us on our Social Media platforms as this journey and collective vision unfolds for the good of humanity.

God Bless you!


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