School of Health Sciences

The School of Health Sciences at CUN is dedicated to preparing and producing outstanding healthcare professionals in the following courses Public Health, Physiotherapy, and Nursing Sciences


Background:  To build a school of Health Sciences that truly responds to local and global needs. We focus on tailoring the curriculum to reflect and respond to the health care challenges of Nigeria, Africa and the world at this time and in the future.

  1. The curriculum for each of the departments, Public Health, Physiotherapy and Nursing Sciences, is reviewed at the end of every academic year, The Dean over sees this and ensure that the theoretical concepts, practical application in line with the African environment is captured. The curriculum for Tropical Public Health captures the intrinsic health challenges in Africa vis-à-vis the current global issues in international Public health. Claretian University School of Health Sciences programmes are unique and Innovative and second to none in the world at the moment.
  2. Every semester the school runs one quality assurance seminar for staff which captures aspects of curriculum revision, development, marking guides, questions setting techniques, and evaluation of students methods, research designs and project writing and presentations
  3. The school liaises with health care institutions in the country, Africa and abroad to facilitate training and placement of students and practicum that sees the healthcare in different environment and in different perspectives.
  4. The lecturers of this faculty undergo scholarly drilling on real ground issues in the health care structure and system in Africa with secured problem-solution based lecture delivery
  5. The health sciences curriculum is laced with Health Literacy courses and topics to better equip graduates that will not only provide health care services but providing lasting messages for preventive health care in Africa

Dean of School