How Distance Learning Works

Studying as a distance learning student does not mean that you will be left to study alone. Our programmes are designed such that students can expect a strong network of support – from tutors, our student support services, the library, and even other students. To enjoy distance learning, you will need to think about how regular study time will fit into your lifestyle. You must organise comfortable place or places that will be convenient to study. It could be your home, place of work or a study centre around you.

Course Materials

Our learning resources include textbooks which can either be sent in the post to you or can be found online, e-Books, and a wide range of audio-visual content, which may be purchased online through our e-Store.

Good internet access is critical for the programmes. The CDLCE will allow you to make use of the online learning resources and infrastructure, freely, at the University.

Our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which you can access from anywhere in the world) forms an integral part of your learning experiences. This is because it provides a learning environment which enables students:

  1. access to most course materials
  2. online discussion between students and tutors using discussion boards
  3. access to presentations and tutorials
  4. assignment submission and feedback facilities.


The University e-Library has an extensive service for students of the CDLCE. There are online catalogues and databases, which allow our students access to a multitude of journals, articles, and e-books. Students can request books (students are to pay for these books and post) to be sent to you in the post.


Depending on your course, you may be required to submit essays and/or coursework. In most cases, these will be submitted online. Some courses include examinations which is written online.

Detailed feedback on all assessments will be provided from a tutor.

Interaction with Lecturers and Students

A dedicated team of academic tutors and administrative staff will be your main point of contact throughout your studies. They will be able to provide a wide range of support to you. Such support as; answering some queries ranging from your progress on the course to the content of an individual module. Students are encouraged to keep in touch them.

You will also benefit from studying alongside your fellow students and engage them on regular debate and discussion about course topics through forums via Blackboard. Students are also encouraged to make use of social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook groups.

Other Support Services

The CDLCE team have put together a plethora of advice and support services for all our distance learning students. The Student Support Service provides a fully integrated service for all our students.

General Notice

Please note that CDLCE use only ENGLISH LANGUAGE in all her programme. All students seeking for admission MUST provide evidence of English assessment. Igbo Civic education/Ethics will be mandatory.