The Claretiano – Centro Universitário de Batatais is maintained by the Ação Educacional Claretiana – Educar, which has been run by the Claretian Missionary Fathers since 1925, with headquarters at Rua Dom Bosco, nº. 466, Castelo neighborhood, in the city of Batatais – SP.

After several decades of functioning as a boarding school, the Claretian Missionaries decided to give the College a new orientation, transforming it into a Higher Education Center, aiming to train teachers and professionals in general, with a Christian spirit and solid human formation. The Claretians’ dedication to higher education began in 1970, with the foundation of the Escola Superior de Educação Física de Batatais, which opened the door to the emergence of the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters “José Olympio”. Later, the Claretian Faculties, which had campuses in the cities of Batatais, Rio Claro and São Paulo, became Integrated Faculties – Uniclar – Union of Claretian Faculties.

The Batatais unit was accredited as a Claretian University Center through the Presidential Decree of April 25, 2001, after approval by the National Council of Education, through the opinion CNE/CES 326/2001, and re-accredited through Ministerial Ordinance no. 4,501, of December 23, 2005 (DOU of December 26, 2005 – Section I – p. 22). In 2005, the Claretian Congregation celebrated 100 years of work with education in Brazil. In 2009, it received another visit for re-accreditation purposes, with the process completed as of Ordinance 516, of May 9, 2012 (published in the Federal Official Gazette, on May 10, 2012).

Since 2002, the institution has been investing in Distance Education. This modality allowed Claretiano to expand new educational opportunities, thus strengthening the presence of this HEI in society and the social inclusion of young people and adults from all over Brazil, always having as a reference the quality of services offered in Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Extension courses.


The academic programmes under this collaboration include:

  1. B.Sc. Biology (Environmental Biology)
  2. B,Sc Business Administration
  3. B.Sc Accounting
  4. B.Sc Economics
  5. B.A Philosophy
  6. B.Sc Criminology and Security Studies
  7. B.Sc Cyber Security
  8. B.Sc Computer Science
  9. B.Sc System Analysis and development
  10. B.Sc Information Technology Management
  11. B.A. Graphic Designs/Photography