Admissions/entry requirements into our bachelor’s degree programmes are consistent across our programmes (traditional and distance learning/online). However, successful completion of our Certificate and Diploma programmes may allow for direct entry admissions into our bachelor’s degree programmes.

Students applying for Diploma programmes in CUN must have the following:

  • Minimum of WASC/GCE or SSS certificate with a Pass in English Language; NVQ Level III or IV
  • Three (3) Years working Experiences;
  • Guarantor/Sponsor’s letter
  • Access to farmland attested to by a traditional ruler or equivalent (for selected programmes in Agriculture).

The CDCLE Admissions Unit ( will be happy to provide you with all required information regarding admission to all our programmes.


Application to all CUN programmes is available online. The cost of application for our Certificate and Diploma programmes is ₦5,000. To apply to any of our programmes, please follow the link below: